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Tuesdays with Integrity began as in-person learning through our local community school. When the pandemic took over, we shifted our educational series to an online webinar format in an effort to continue to support our community members' financial wellness. 

In our free monthly webinars,  we discuss pertinent personal finance topics such as taxes, Social Security,  college planning, retirement basics and much more. Attendees also have the opportunity to ask questions and also receive recordings after each presentation as well as bonus material. Usually conducted on a Tuesday, they are always chocked full of information designed to help you make the best financial decisions possible.

1 Hour to Savvy Cybersecurity Thumbnail

1 Hour to Savvy Cybersecurity

Every 2 seconds someone becomes a victim of identity theft. Becoming a victim can leave you vulnerable to severe data loss and financial harm. Watch the replay of our webinar Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement now to better prepare to protect yourself, your family, and your business from the quietly raging cyber wars targeting us all.

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Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement Thumbnail

Managing Health Care Expenses in Retirement

Did you know, retirees often pay more for health care than they saved for thanks to unexpected penalties, premiums, and out-of-pocket expenses? Not following the protocols of your health benefits can quickly cause financial illness. And that can mean you outlast your money or have less to leave to your kids and grandkids.

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Tax Planning for Retirement Thumbnail

Tax Planning for Retirement

People often pay more taxes than they expected to do because the U.S. tax system is confusing, treating various income types differently. After working hard to save money for retirement, you want to spend it enjoying the next chapter of your life—not on unnecessary taxes because of uninformed choices. Do you know the tax implications of when you spend different sources of money? If not, you may outlive your retirement savings or have less to leave to your family than you planned.

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Savvy Social Security Planning Thumbnail

Savvy Social Security Planning

Social Security should make up 30-40% of your retirement income, but 1/3 of those taking social security rely on it for 90% of their income. How are you funding your retirement? Learn more about the complexities of Social Security and what they mean for your financial health in retirement.

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