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Investment Basics

Investing is a carefully planned and prepared approach to managing and accumulating money. How you invest your money can be completely different than anyone you know depending on your goals and risk tolerance. While investing requires discipline and patience, it doesn’t have to be hard.

In our webinar from Tuesday, June 29th at 11am, we discuss the basics of investing. We highlight three core components:

  1. Investment Fundamentals:
    • The effect of inflation
    • The effect of compounding
    • Identifying goals and time horizons
    • Risk tolerance
    • The relationship between risk and return
  2. Investment Options:
    • Identifying and finding a comfortable balance between the types of investments:
      • Cash alternatives
      • Bonds
      • Stocks
      • Other Investments
      • Funds
  3. Investment Methods:
    • Dollar cost averaging
    • Asset allocation examples

Learn how to put your money to work for you!