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2022 Housing Market & Interest Rate Forecast

The housing market was incredibly hot in 2021! There was strong demand and tight supply, but Covid caused supply chain disruptions and labor shortages, which pushed real estate values even higher than we could have forecasted. 

How will 2022 compare?

 This year the Fed will play a major role in the housing market. Fighting inflation is likely their top priority, which will impact the real estate market in substantial ways.

Certified Financial PlannerⓇ, Gretchen Brown, and special guest speaker Eric Leigh of Guaranteed Rate highlight the 2022 Housing Market & Interest Rate Forecast in their webinar originally aired on Wednesday, February 16 at 12 pm. Watch the replay to learn more about what will impact the real estate industry and how this could impact any loans you need to buy or refinance your home.

Real estate is an incredible investment, but like anything else, it should work for you. We can help you develop a solid strategy if you need lending assistance in 2022.